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What is the cost? How long does it take? All you have to know about Dental Implants!

Dental implants for a healthy bite

Free online-consultation to reduce the cost of an implant treatment

What is a dental implant?

In 1965, Dr. P. Brånemark invented the first titanium dental implant. Since then, dental implants made bis improvements with each generation.

A dental implant is an artificial imitation of the natural tooth.It is set in the bone to get a supra construction like crowns or dentures.

What is the advantage of a dental implant?

  • long term stability
  • natural look
  • bone retain
  • best imitation of natural tooth
  • flexible usage(crown, denture, bridge)

What is the disadvantage of a dental implant?

  • cost (relative)
  • bone limitation (bone graft maybe needed)
  • number of visits

Is my case suited for dental implants?

Before you get involved to a comprehensive treatment, let us estimate the cost and number of visits needed.

How much does a dental implant cost?

A roughly cost estimation for dental implant treatments should be done in each case.

But we can tell you a range of cost, that you can imagine which case most fits to you.

We will show you two scenarios which represents the basic entry of dental implant and on the other side a full featured dental treatment.

The lower end:  edentulous patient with existing full denture, no bone graft needed, just multiple implant wanted for denture stabilization. Cost per Implant from 99CHF per month.



High-end: Front upper teeth missing, significant bone loss, bone augmentation(bone graft) needed, 2-step surgery with navigated implantation. Cost per Implant from 250CHF per month


Free online-consultation to reduce cost

In case of comprehensive treatments which inculdes dental implants and crowns, and Invisalign treatment or esthetic treatment an initial consultation is very useful

During this consultations you will get rough information like cost, feasibilty and number of visits.

If more precise analysis(x-ray, examination) is needed, you can make appointments for your visit in our practice.

The first online-consultation is free of charge.