Emergency Dentist

Complies with the Covid-19 guidelines BAG health authority.

Emergency treatment in the coronavirus crisis

Tooth Accident or Tooth Pain? We Can help!

Can I Visit a Dentist during this Lock-Down?

Yes according to the BAG Schweiz individuals are allowed to visit the Dentist in an emergency from tooth pain or complications with teeth due to an accident.

What is Classed as an Emergency?

Please review the following as a guideline to what is classed as an emergency:

Severe toothache, despite taking pain killing drugs

A tooth is broken and is sensitive

The gum is bleeding and is painful

Need for wound control after a surgical operation

Should I Wait until Lock-Down is Lifted?

Yes, it is possible to wait for your treatment. However, a consultaion is still recommended to verify that in waiting you are not harming oral tissues.

We offer an online-consultation which will help you understand whether it is in your interest to wait or not.

How is the Practice managing Social Distancing for Visits?

In our Practice, all hygienic measures have been reviewed and tightened.

When visiting our Dentist please follow these instructions:

1. Avoid touching anything especially door handles  (our door stays opened)

2. Wash your hands prior and after to entering the treatment room

3. If you need to wait, take a seat in one of our chairs these are cleaned.

4. Apply a mouth rinse for 30 seconds.


Why do I need an Online Consultation?

We want to reduce the number of visits for our patients. Quita a number of dental services can be initially completed online.

In times like these, we have to reduce visits to the Dentist Practice if at all possible.

Online consultation explained in 1 minute