Teeth whitening in Zug

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Teeth whitening for a white smile

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Home Bleaching

from 150 CHF
  • Bleaching to go for convenient home use.

In-Office Whitening

from 350 CHF
  • Get the right color for your teeth with our professional staff.

What kinds of whitening procedures are available?

  • In-Office bleaching: one session up to 2 hrs
  • Home bleaching1: bleaching to go(splint+bleaching gel, as a single use set)
  • Home bleaching2: your own bleaching splint (bleaching gel has to be orderd every when needed)



Does it hurt?


There might be sensitiviy issues, but this disappears very soon.

What is the advantage of In-Office whitening?

Due to the high concentration of bleaching gel, it just need one session. Only certificated staff will do this kind of bleaching.


Clinical Case - Power Bleaching with 4 sequences (max.120min), without pain, 100% satisfaction

What ist the advantage of home whitening?

If you decide to do the bleaching at home, you can manage it yourself. Since the concentration is lower, there will be no sensitiviy issue.

You can use this as a initial bleaching before in-office bleaching or maintaining bleaching after in-office bleaching.

What ist the disadvantage of home whitening?

It takes longer. Depends on how offen you wear the splint. Normally you will need couple of weeks.

And you have to reorder the bleaching gel.


Teeth whitening in Zug